Navitas Hawthorn Fitout - Melbourne

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Renascent Melbourne was commissioned by Navitas to develop a new, dynamic two-level campus in the heart of Melbourne, located at 333 Exhibition St. The primary objective was to create a space that captures the unique essence of Melbourne, setting it apart from other Australian cities and reflecting the city's vibrant student life.

Navitas aimed to embody the distinctive elements that make Melbourne a premier destination for students. From its renowned café culture and eclectic laneways to its rich palette of open spaces, the design intended to mirror the city's diverse and vibrant character. The vision was brought to life through a design that combines the coastal charm of the Great Ocean Road with Melbourne’s edgy, urban vibe.

CIA Designs was responsible for crafting the aesthetic of the new campus, employing a coastal finishes colour palette inspired by the Great Ocean Road. This was juxtaposed with urban design elements to encapsulate the spirit of Melbourne. A key feature of the design was the dual arrival points from both central lift wells and a new staircase connecting the ground floor, anchored by an oval seating booth with integrated greenery and a parallel oval feature pendant light.

The project demanded spatial efficiency and compliance with educational standards. One of the primary challenges was adapting the design within the constraints of the existing floor plate and main entry points. Additionally, value management was crucial to meet budget requirements. The building's ownership by three different owners’ corporations added complexity to obtaining necessary approvals.

Despite these challenges, Renascent delivered the project on time, meeting the tight timeframe before the commencement of the academic semester. The successful completion of the project in a live environment was a testament to Renascent's expertise and dedication.

The new Navitas campus has significantly invigorated the student and staff experience. The thoughtfully designed spaces not only reflect the essence of Melbourne but also provide a functional and inspiring environment for learning and collaboration.The project stands as a showcase of innovative design and efficient project management, fulfilling Navitas' vision and setting a benchmark for future educational facilities.

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