Procore is built for the people that use it. And as priority partners, Renascent are helping shape how technology looks within the construction industry
Working in real-time, communications and documentation are in the hands of those that need it, instantly. We solve problems sooner, and in the process save up to five hours each week – time that can then be spent focusing on the project program and delivering quality.
Total Transparency
We ensure risk is significantly reduced by providing complete visibility, improved standardisation, and more protection from litigation.
With resources managed more effectively, there’s increased opportunity to provide cost savings. With more efficient processes, our resources can take on more projects which means we can offer better value for money.
Environmentally friendly
Renascent are on the path to becoming paperless – and by creating one central digital hub, Procore is helping us get there.
We use technology to make our sites safer, deliver greater compliance and significantly reduce risk.
Smart resourcing
By instantly registering and tracking everyone on site, we better resource our projects. We always have the right people on site to keep to program and deliver on time.
Incident control & compliance
We continuously and transparently monitor our sites to keep them safe and you reassured. With complete visibility of what's happening on every project, risk is significantly reduced and you gain better standardisation and greater protection from litigation.
SignOnSite Better oversight
With standardised information available no matter where you are, both our site managers and leadership team get live and accurate data at a click of button that provides a full overview of HSEQ performance.
“We believe our people are our greatest asset. Providing them with the right tools allows them to perform at their best.”
Andrew Juda,
National Operations Manager