Through our specialist refurbishment teams, we breathe new life into buildings.

From recording studios evolving into state-of-the-art offices, to the rejuvenation of iconic buildings, we love being behind the hoarding and making transformations happen.

Our teams understand live environments, building structures, design, and services, along with detailed finishes. With this knowledge we undertake a “building diagnostics” approach - a review and analysis of the design documents that enables us to offer certainty of the work scope for our clients.
Building repositioning
Façade glazing upgrades and recladding
Adaptive re-use
Structural and remedial work

Meeting the Challenges
OF Refurbishments

We understand the challenges of live and sensitive environments and make sure everything stays business as usual for occupants.
Your drivers are integral to our approach – we won’t get started before we understand the complexities, requirements, and final vision of your project.
By using 2D and 3D graphics in our methodologies we bring projects to life before they even begin, giving comprehensive and meaningful overviews of our approach and collaboration with all key stakeholders.
Using informative and accessible technical progress reports, we adapt to evolving needs, keeping a flexible approach and always working to meet specific project requirements.
Façade works are more than just a facelift. We make buildings safer, future proofed, and ultimately more valuable.
Façade replacement and upgrades
Curtain walls
Heritage, restoration, and preservation works
Combustible cladding replacement and ACP remediations
We’re also committed to making this process as environmentally sustainable as possible. Working closely with specialist facilities and through our waste management plan, we aim for all ACP cladding to be 100% recycled.

Refurbishment Projects

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We understand the full spectrum of construction projects. Building structures; services; finishes; and it’s this knowledge that enables us to undertake a “building diagnostics” approach with every project. So, what gets built perfectly matches client scope, staging and cost expectations.
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