Our Commitments

We choose providers that recognise the impact our industry and work has on people, the environment and the wider community.

At Renascent, we take our responsibilities seriously and continually strive to deliver outcomes that enhance the wellbeing of people + planet.


We’re green for a reason
Learning and improving every day, we’re proud to be making the construction industry a more sustainable place. Through Green Star accredited staff, a dedicated Environmental Lead and a commitment to using the best practice recycling materials, we’re part of the solution.


Safety first
Nothing is more important than the safety of our people and partners. We comply with the strictest ISO safety accreditations in Australia, but it’s more than just safety on site, we care about mental wellbeing as well.


Acknowledging impact
Our work touches the communities around us and we take pride in this. We recognise the impact we can offer and commit to doing so. Our people all have the opportunity to take leave for community work, and we sponsor local initiatives and industry events. We give every level of our business the opportunity to contribute to something larger.


Equality + Inclusion
Our long-standing partnership with the Indigenous-owned and Supply Nation registered business Dice Renascent, and our Indigenous procurement policy ensure we’re working towards reconciliation. We also proactively support and encourage gender balance within the industry, with regular reviews of our targets, along with membership with NAWIC to support their path to leadership.


Choose a company that is committed to implementing industry best practices at every level of our business, backed by comprehensive systems and leadership activities.

Our management processes and procedures are independently certified to:

Reward and recognition

Renascent Quality Assurance risk control processes and procedures are independently certified to ISO:9001

Health & Safety

Renascent Work Health and Safety risk management processes and procedures are independently certified to the ISO:45001, and Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner (OFSC)

Environmental Management

Renascent Environmental and Waste Management processes and procedures are independently certified to ISO:4001, and embracing the sustainability principles of the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA)
“We are excited about the way technology and the circular economy will help us to reduce our environmental impact in the years to come. “
Alex Campbell, CEO


We’re committed to the complete wellbeing of all our people - not just on-site. Both mental and physical health are central to the environment we create, with policies and resources in place to support both.