Our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan outlines our strategic approach toward meaningful reconciliation with First Nations communities.

Working closely with Reconciliation Australia, our plan is developed around the three core pillars of relationship, respect and opportunities.

Renascent understands the opportunity we have as a business, to deliver important cultural, employment and training outcomes for First Nations communities.

This work compliments and builds on work already underway at Renascent, through initiatives including Dice Renascent and Indigenous Participation Plans, outlined below.
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We look forward to reporting on progress as we deliver our RAP. The actions in the plan will build on current initiatives being delivered including Dice Renascent and the development and delivery of Indigenous Participation Plans.

Dice Renascent

Dice Renascent is a commercial construction company founded in 2015 by Renascent and DICE Australia.

A Supply Nation certified company, it delivers high-quality fitout, refurbishment and construction projects across Australia.

Central to the work of Dice Renascent is the provision of training, leadership and employment opportunities for First Nations peoples

Indigenous Participation Plans

Across many of our projects we implement Indigenous Participation Plans (IPP) which outline First Nations participation management procedures to be followed by Renascent and subcontractors during a specific project.

First Nations stakeholders play a central role in these plans and are included at various levels representing various interests.


Wayde, also known as Aléjandro, is a talented Aboriginal artist, and a proud Wiradjuri and Birpai man, from New South Wales.

Wayde's captivating artwork explores the depths of identity, perception, and human experiences. Through installations that blend Aboriginal art with LGBTQIA+ culture, Aléjandro (the business) celebrates the beauty of diversity.

Wayde's own journey of self-discovery, his unapologetic approach inspires others to do the same. As a late bloomer in the art world, Wayde's talent has attracted attention and transformed his hobby into a career.

Wayde's work challenges conventional norms and invites viewers to question their perceptions. With each creation, Aléjandro sparks conversations and fosters cultural appreciation.

We are thrilled to be working with Wayde in the development of artwork for our Reflect RAP.