Macquarie House Refurbishment - Sydney

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    Siren Design Group
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Charter Hall wanted to realise the full potential of their 167 Macquarie Street property and so underwent full refurbishments across all 19 levels to bring this commercial and hospitality space back to life.

Renascent and the wider team delivered lobby upgrades, with each of the floors uniquely designed to suit the needs of individual tenants. Levels 1-7 of the building is owned and occupied by the Australian Club and includes hotel suites. With guest experience a priority, noise restrictions and work hours throughout the project were carefully planned and impact was kept to a minimum

Reduction of wastage was also a key focus. High-quality elements of the existing fitout were reused where possible, up cycling materials and taking a sustainable approach. Recycled items included front of house meeting rooms, stone tiled flooring, existing operable wall and reception joinery which were reclad with new fabric and timber.

Speculative fitouts were also included and designed to entice new tenants and featured two different styles, demonstrating the versatility of the space.

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