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    Acuity PM

Taking pride of place on the 26th floor of Aurora Place, Renascent has recently completed a comprehensive fit out for L.E.K.Consulting, strategically capitalising on the takes on the breathtaking vistas spanning Sydney Harbour, the Opera House and Botanic Gardens.

L.E.K. Consulting operates on a global scale, and since its inception into the Australian market back in 1987, the Sydney office has become a popular destination on their worldwide network, attracting employees from around the globe.Here, a fusion of expertise, enthusiasm and Australian practicality thrives. 

The selection of this premium location and the meticulous design of the new office space were guided by L.E.K.’s commitment to diversity, creating a highly stimulating work environment that mirrors the stature of their global organisation.

Our proactive approach to value engineering resulted in substantial cost savings through strategic adjustments in material selections and construction techniques. Working in a live environment, our team seamlessly implemented stringent noise control measures and carefully scheduled disruptive tasks outside regular business hours, promoting a harmonious workspace.

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