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Renascent was tasked with delivering a comprehensive three-level fit-out of a new head office space for Australian Foundation for Disability (Afford). The project aimed to create an inviting space that encouraged employees to connect more frequently, while also providing opportunities for onsite client services. Driven primarily by budget considerations during the pre-construction phase, the project required innovative solutions to adhere to the client’s vision while meeting strict financial targets.

In facing the project’s challenges, Renascent implemented several value engineering solutions during the design stage to meet budget requirements without compromising quality. This included proposing alternatives for lighting, AV equipment, furniture, and floor coverings. The project posed unique challenges, such as the need for high acoustic ratings in specific rooms, a feature reception area, and constructing an interconnecting staircase. These were addressed through meticulous planning and early identification of potential delays, allowing swift action to mitigate additional costs.

One of the project's most significant technical challenges was the structural work required to install an interconnecting staircase between levels 6 and 7. This involved the demolition of a concrete slab, structural steel strengthening, and meticulous coordination to ensure a seamless integration with the existing building structure. Additionally, an early handover of the communications room was crucial to enable Afford’s IT team to integrate and commission their systems effectively, requiring precise coordination with ongoing construction activities.

The completed fit-out spans multiple levels and includes formal and informal meeting spaces, open-plan employee breakout areas, reception, clinic rooms, and a support centre, all designed to enhance functionality, accessibility, and aesthetics.

Renascent's project team demonstrated exceptional adaptability and strategic planning skills, successfully navigating numerous obstacles. This included managing deliveries in a bustling construction environment and adapting to delayed materials and extended lead times. By reshuffling tasks to prioritise critical path activities, the team ensured the project's timely completion, instilling confidence in Renascent's ability to handle complex projects.

The project was delivered on time and within budget and fulfilled all the client’s specifications, achieving high satisfaction.

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