The true essence of refinement – Central House Toorak

We are thrilled to share the richness and sophistication of Central House Toorak, a collaboration between Deague Group and The Commons, Atmosphere Group and Renascent.

Known as one of Melbourne’s most prestigious suburbs, Central House Toorak is located at 489-505 Toorak Rd, right in the heart of Toorak Village.

Central House is a collaboration between The Commons and Deague Group. The Commons was one of Melbourne’s first coworking spaces and in 2021, they partnered with Deague Group to create the prestigious brand Central House.

Central House Reception

Central House Toorak is the second space of its kind and is an inspiring and elegant experience that forms a backdrop for innovation, collaboration and wellbeing. Inspired by the vision of architects Siren Design, Central House Toorak brings a thoughtful consideration of today’s working style and the needs of the modern individual, promoting a thriving environment for businesses and teams.


Tasked with transforming the vision into reality, Renascent meticulously delivered luxurious spaces, crafted with bespoke joinery and state-of-the-art technology.  

Amongst the many key highlights of this project was the installation of the grand staircase, a spacious interconnecting vehicle strategically positioned between levels three and four. The staircase serves as a conduit, fostering seamless connectivity and promoting a thriving environment for businesses and teams.

With a focus on refined details and distinct textures, each space required skilled execution by our talented team. From highly functional team spaces, to designated quiet zones and meeting rooms, the design of each area seamlessly incorporates modern audio-visual technology within elegant and luxurious settings.  Generously sized kitchens and breakout areas across two floors feature bespoke joinery, showcasing unique and intricate details adding to the overall aesthetic appeal.


Key project features:

• Board room with grid ceiling

• Café with ornate detail

• Kitchens on both floors

• Staircase and hot desk area

• Private phone booths

• Casual meeting areas

• Wellness rooms

Works were conducted in a live environment, on time and within budget, exceeding client expectations.

Managing Director of Deague Group, Jonathan Deague, commended Renascent on their exceptional level of skill and outstanding delivery “Renascent’s ability to effectively manage the complexities of the project, along with their consistent adherence to the budget and timeline were commendable” said Jonathon, “they collaborated seamlessly with our consultants and designers to deliver the highest standard of workmanship and their attention to even the smallest details truly set them apart.”

Deague Group

Wellness room
Golf simulator room

Client: The Commons / Deague Group

Project Manager: Atmosphere Project Management

Architect: Siren Design

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