MonSTaR Foundation Charity Lunch

After a two-year covid hiatus, on Friday 19th August Renascent’s Sydney team hosted its annual MonSTaR Foundation Charity Lunch.

With over 100 of our subcontractors attending, and a guest performance by comedian Rob Shehadie not only did the event raise $68,000, but it was a brilliant opportunity for us to celebrate with our industry partners.

The MonSTaR cause is one of particular importance to Renascent, with Director Tony Hargreaves’ brother Greg one of the founders of the charity.

Tony shared its history on the day, explaining “MonSTaR was borne out of the experiences of its three founding members. Greg and I have a sister with special learning needs, whilst Hamish Pearce lost his wife to motorneuron disease when she was just 33, and Mark Golding had a disabled sister who died at a young age.

It makes this charity incredibly personal, but also one which does fantastic work, and it’s a privilege for Renascent to be able to support it.”

MonSTaR supports both motor neuron research, as well as providing funds for STaR who provide Special Education, Teaching and Training, and Research for children with disabilities.

We’d again like to thank all the support from the events sponsors:

ALDCorporate Pty Ltd | Axis Plumbing NSW Group Pty Ltd | Electrical ProjectSolutions | Eltrix | Emanate Design | Force Fire & Safety Pty Ltd | FredonAir (NSW) | HVAC Project Partners | Infracraft Detailed Joinery Pty Ltd |Inline Floors | Itxcel Australia | Karisma | Kerfoot Pty Ltd | LCS Electrical |Leap Interiors | Mars Painting | MDE Group | Mr Water Plumbing | PermaxCommercial | Precise Air | Puzzle Interiors Pty Ltd | R W Palmer | R&D AirSupply Pty Ltd | Rohy's Painting Pty Ltd | RTM Projects Australia Pty ltd | ScarelliJoinery Pty Ltd | Stowe Australia | Tilestone Group Pty Ltd | X-clusive GroupPty Ltd

Learn more about the MonSTaR Foundation.

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