Renascent x MonSTaR BIG LUNCH 2023

We are delighted to announce that we raised an incredible $100,000 for the MonSTaR Foundation! 

This charity holds space in our hearts for their tireless support for those battling Motor Neuron Disease (MND) and children living with cognitive disabilities. We are humbled by this achievement, and by the generosity of our incredible sponsors. Last Friday, over 130 attendees gathered at Grappa Restaurant for an afternoon of great food, wonderful company and laughter courtesy of comedians Rob Shehadie and Tahir Bilgiç.

How can we make a difference? Every day, 2 Australians are diagnosed with MND, a debilitating illness.

MonSTaR supports both motor neuron research, as well as providing funds for STaR who provide Special Education, Teaching and Training, and Research for children with disabilities. Learn more about MonSTaR Foundation here.

THANK YOU to all our incredible sponsors!

X-clusive Group| ALD Corporate | Apex Signage | AsBuilt Digital | AV Lounge | AXISPlumbing Group | BSMS Security | Cre8 Carpentry | Eco Choice | EGS Projects | Eltrix| Emanate Design | EnviroCorp | Force Fire | Goals A + N | Honcho Supplies | IA Design | IconicNSW | Inline Floors | Interior Republic Australia | Itxcel | KarismaJoinery | Kerfoot | LCS Electrical | Mars Painting and Decorating | MDE | NewEdge Group | Next Level Joinery | One Fire Protection | Permax Commercial | PrecisionPainting Group  | Puzzle Interiors | R&D Air Supply | R.W. Palmer ElectricalServices | RTM Projects | Scarelli Joinery | Secom TS | Solis Products | SomervilleElectric | Spike / Scaffad | Stowe Australia | Vent Mechanical

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