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Project Progress: 2 Park Street, Sydney CBD

May 25, 2022

We have some incredible shots of our 2 Park Street project to share. As the third tallest building in Sydney, it offers some of the best views of the city, whilst also presenting a number of highly-complex challenges.

The Renascent team have been working to remove all combustible elements of the façade from the 50-storey building. The affected areas need to both comply with BCA requirements, as well as match the original architectural design.

This complex refurbishment project is also being delivered while the busy building and site remain live and occupied. The team have installed B Class (10 kPa) hoardings around the perimeter to maintain safe access to the challenging site.

Our partners Above Scaffolding delivered the cantilevered scaffold that covers the perimeter of the Citi Group Centre. Reaching up 49 levels and 220m, providing safe access and a work platform for our cladding sub-contractor to access the architectural roof awnings.