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Cadetships at Renascent

March 4, 2024

Renascent is a construction and fit-out company with a difference. We are highly motivated to support young Australians and nurture their careers for the long term.

Our cadetship program sets out to create construction sector professionals with strong leadership skills and initiative. We have offices around Australia, including in regional NSW and Perth.

Here is how a cadetship works at Renascent and how you can make our business part of your story. 

Careers at Renascent

Renascent has a 27-year history, specialising in fit-outs, refurbishment, construction and 360 care. With expertise in all facets of construction and offices across Australia, we invite young applicants to apply to work in a range of different areas of the business.

Our Founders and Directors Andrew and Tony have spent years building a dynamic and motivated collective of dedicated and skilled specialists. More than this, they have a mandate to care about their team as well as their clients.

At Renascent, cadets are not expendable. We take junior staff members on board with the aim of training them to be part of the business for the long term as well as providing all the tools, skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the challenging but rewarding construction industry. Many of Renascent’s higher-ranking team members started in the cadet program many years ago and have since moved into fulfilling long-term positions.

Even if you do move on to a different business or field, a cadetship at Renascent will set your standards high, so you will be a highly skilled and dedicated member of whatever employer you join.

How does a Renascent cadetship work?

A cadetship at Renascent provides fully rounded, on-the-job education to a wide array of Aussies ready to break into the construction industry.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect:

-       On-the-job learning

A Renascent cadetship is all about hands-on experience. We understand that the best way to learn is by doing, not watching, and we ensure that our cadets enjoy direct industry experience.

We know how to mix first-person experience with expert guidance. While you will be figuratively and perhaps literally getting your hands dirty, we ensure you also have all the backup you need as you learn. Through the combination of practical experience and a structured and supportive environment, we help you gain the skills necessary to become a leader in the construction industry and enjoy a fulfilling career.

-       Your Responsibilities

As supportive as we will be, cadets are also expected to take responsibility, be committed, and be self-motivated. We treat our cadetships as partnerships, and you need to do your share.

This means you will have ownership over your progress and program and the opportunity to drive your own development. You will always have the support of your relevant project and program leaders, who will ensure your program is aligned with the Cadet Management Plan, but the results you achieve will come down to you.

-       Duration

The typical length of a cadetship at Renascent is three years.

This can be flexible depending on your personal circumstances and abilities, and the availability of projects throughout your cadetship.

We will work with you to establish a timeline that works for you.

Who are our cadets?

Most cadets at Renascent are tertiary students studying construction-related courses.

As an equal opportunity employer, we take on cadets from all backgrounds and ages and encourage women to apply.

Regional applicants in NSW are particularly welcome, though we provide metropolitan cadetships in different parts of Australia as well.

For Indigenous applicants, our sister company, DICERenascent, is an Indigenous-owned construction company that is motivated to mentor, guide and provide opportunities for Indigenous individuals who want to work in the industry.

How to apply for a cadetship with Renascent

Excited to be part of a dynamic team that will support your long-term career?

To apply for a cadetship with Renascent, head to the Careers section of our website, where you will find all of the relevant information.


Don’t hesitate to contact Renascent for a copy of our 2024 Cadetship Program Manual or for more information. All our contact details are on the Contact Us page on our website.