Hall & Wilcox

工程地址 | Level 9-11, Rialto, 525 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC

项目预算 | $8.2m

施工面积 | 4,500m²

设计师 | Woods Bagot

有机会搬迁到Rialto Tower 的9层,10层和11层,使得Hall&Wilcox能够在9层和10层创造一个充满活力的现代化工作场所,让工作人员充分享受位于大楼边缘工作区广阔的视野。工作区充满了自然光线,加上整排结合声学设计的内部会议室和散落在楼层中部的战略演示室,给员工带来了无尽的选择。



Hall & Wilcox

Address | Level 9-11, Rialto, 525 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC

Project Budget | $8.2m

Area | 4,500m²

Designer | Woods Bagot

The opportunity to relocate to Levels 9, 10 and 11 of the Rialto Tower, allowed Hall & Wilcox to create a vibrant modern workplace to Levels 9 & 10 with the staff enjoying the expansive views as they were placed around the perimeter of the building. The workstations are flooded with natural light, supported with a large array of acoustically designed internal meeting rooms and strategy presentation rooms dotted around the core, giving staff endless choices.

The working floors flow into a feature void, surrounded by an elegant breakout / meals area for the staff to relax and enjoy their breaks, inclusive of timber feature ceilings. The breakout areas on these levels are linked by an internal glass framed void and decorative stair balustrade sweeping from Levels 9 to 11 (client floor) connecting all three floors.

Level 11 was designed and constructed with the client in mind, featuring high-end joinery finishes, a high level of audio visual support and acoustically designed meeting rooms with the flexibility of room size changes through operable walls and corporate break out spaces and main reception.