Care Dentistry

Address | 63A Archer Street, Chatswood, Sydney NSW

Project Budget | $1.5m

Area | 400m2

Designer | Pedra Silva Architects

Awards | 2015 MBA Award for Excellence in Construction

Award-winning Care Implant Dentistry, Chatswood, reflects a stunning design by international Lisbon based Pedra Silva Architects. Renascent was engaged to finalise the design to utilise local finishes and ensure compliance with the relevant local codes and standards through to construction of the new facility.

Pedra Silva Architects carefully crafted undulating timber planks which protrude from the ceiling as gradual layers at differing heights – giving the space a decorative element and awarding Renascent the 2015 MBA Award for the Construction of Care Implant Dentistry.

The project consisted of 8 surgery rooms, doctor/patient consultation rooms, sterilization room, training room with a display/viewing window into the main surgery, staff changing rooms/amenities and a laboratory workshop. A unique timber veneer feature ceiling and blade system was installed in the front reception with over 300 individual blades suspended from the ceiling in the shape of a tooth. Extensive dental services installations where part of the fitout inclusive of compressed air, suction systems, oxygen supply, water filtration units and medical gases with reticulation to a new ventilated plant enclosure constructed in the basement.

The construction was successfully completed over a 10 week program.