Andrew Melville


Since establishing Renascent in 1996, Andrew has become a well-respected identity in Australia’s construction industry. Over the years, he has succeeded in creating an exemplary workplace that models an outstanding level of service and professionalism.

As someone who has shaped and maintained an excellent business reputation, Andrew strives to ensure Renascent is recognised by both clients and competitors as a leader in quality, service, and credibility.

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Tony Hargreaves


Tony founded Renascent with the vision to become the trusted contractor of choice. With his industry experience spanning over 30 years, his construction expertise resonates throughout the business.

Renascent’s success is a representation of Tony’s infallible work ethic and his passion to deliver a promise. Tony is committed to creating an accessible, dedicated and fair work environment. He believes that Renascent’s triumphs are established by the quality of its people.

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